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Postmaster Tracking System Postmasters by Post Office



Title                                                                             Name                                                            Date Appointed

Postmaster                                                    George Lauman                                                          06/12/1792

Postmaster                                                    Samuel Dayton                                                           04/12/1793

Postmaster                                                    Andrew Balfour                                                            03/21/1796

Postmaster                                                    Samuel Reeves                                                           01/07/1822

Postmaster                                                    Henry W. Connor                                                         02/13/1838

Postmaster                                                    Benjamin Julian                                                           02/08/1841

Postmaster                                                    John A. Weirman                                                          05/16/1853

Postmaster                                                    Moses A. Smith                                                            01 /14/1858

Postmaster                                                    Lewis Beard                                                                  04/13/1861

Postmaster                                                    Anthony Bencini                                                           07/19/1865

Postmaster                                                    H. H. Helper                                                                  03/03/1871

Postmaster                                                    David L. Bringle                                                           10/07/1871

Postmaster                                                   James H. Ramsay                                                          08/16/1882

Postmaster                                                   Archibald H. Boyden                                                      06/15/1885

Postmaster                                                   James H. Ramsay                                                          07/18/1889

Postmaster                                                   Archibald H. Boyden                                                      06/12/1893

Postmaster                                                   James H. Ramsay                                                          10/08/1897

Postmaster                                                   W. H. Hobson                                                                 08/29/1910

Postmaster                                                   James H. Ramsay                                                          03/03/1911

Postmaster                                                   Archibald H. Boyden                                                     07/15/1914

Acting Postmaster                                        James H. Ramsay                                                          08/01/1923

Postmaster                                                   James H Ramsay                                                           12/17/1923

Acting Postmaster                                        William L Ross                                                               01/01/1931

Acting Postmaster                                        Romulus C Jennings                                                      01/07/1931

Postmaster                                                   Philip N. Peacock                                                           02/24/1932

Acting Postmaster                                        James H. McKenzie                                                       03/01 /1936

Postmaster                                                   James H. McKenzie                                                        03/18/1936

Acting Postmaster                                        Paul P. Hinkle                                                                 07/30/1965

Postmaster                                                   Paul P Hinkle                                                                  07/27/1966

Officer-In-Charge                                         Richard Burion                                                                 03/02/1990

Postmaster                                                   Karen E Schenck                                                              09/08/1990

Officer-In-Charge                                         David Ball                                                                         12/24/1991

Officer-In-Charge                                        William L Johnson                                                             06/11/1992

Officer -In-Charge                                       Ernest Haas                                                                        09/30/1992

Postmaster                                                  David P Barcio                                                                   03/20/1993  


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