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(Correspondence to the Salisbury Post Office beginning 1796)


Appointed Mr. Andrew Balfour Deputy Post Master at Salisbury in North Carolina and enclosed a Bond and blank forms of the Oaths to John Steele esqr of that place. March 21, 1796.

Mr. Andrew Balfour Sir

July 22, 1796

I have just received your Letter of the 3rd Instant with your quarterly account ending in June. Mr. Hawkin’s riders from some cause or other have failed in several instances. I have lately written to him on the subjects, and hope it will at least produce more regularity in future. It is very surprising to me that Mr. Chambers would not produce his Contracts to you which would have satisfied you as to the change I have made in his Schedule. The mail being sent once a week on his route it became necessary to alter the day of his arrival and departure at and from your Office. He will in future leave your office on Friday and return on Thursday noon. This is the schedule I fixed with Mr. Chambers and he is to observe it unless altered by Mr. Sibley with his consent. I send a supply of Blanks for your Office

and am &c J. H.

[Joseph Habersham, Postmaster General]

Mr. Andrew Balfour Sir

May 1, 1797

I send you three Letters which were sent from your Office to New York one of them directed to Mr. Giles contains a Post Bill which dearly evinces that the person who transacts the business of your Office must have been privy to this indecent and highly improper transaction. Postmasters are sometimes imposed upon and through the Channel of the mail insulting and trifling Letters are often conveyed without any blame attaching to the Department; but if those who are entrusted with the care of Offices are instruments of such insults it must tend to bring the Establishment into Disrepute and contempt. Your will be so good as to explain how this happened. P.S. Mr. Bauman the Postmaster at New York mentions that no Bill accompanied the Letters but on opening the Letter for Mr. Giles it was found enclosed in it.

1 am &c J. H.

Mrs. E. Balfour Novem 27, 1799

Madam I am favored with yours of the 3rd Inst and have written to Col Hawkins relative to the failure that occurred in the arrival of the Mail at your office on the 2nd Instant. You may assure the citizens of Salisbury that the Contractor will be fined for any failures that may occur on that route unless he makes it appear that they were occasioned by unavoidable accidents. I had occasion some time ago to exact fines of Col Hawkins to a very considerable amount, and I shall have recourse again to that measure if he makes it necessary. If any expense was incurred by sending the Post Boy back on the way to Halifax you will be pleased to inform me of it that the Contractor may be charged with it.

I am Madam &c J. H.

Andrew Balfour Esqr.


Decem 6, 1799

I wish you immediately to provide a new and suitable Portmanteau for Mr Chambers route as the one now in use he informs me is worn out. One of the smallest kinds will answer best the cost of which will constitute a proper charge in your account of Contingent Expenses

lam&c J. H.

Mr. Andrew Balfour Sir

January 25, 1800

On the 11 of January last (1799) I drew upon you in favor of Mr. John Hawkins for sixteen dollars: he was lately called upon to return his receipt for that sum and in reply states that you never paid it to him. Your account was credited with that sum at the time of drawing the draft and I hope you will transmit him the amount without delay.

I am &c J.H.


Mrs. E. Balfour March 14, 1800

Madam I have received your favor of the 26 Ulto. and am satisfied that the draft I sent Mr. Hawkins in February 1799 on Mr. Balfour for sixteen dollars has been paid though Mr. Hawkins receipt can not be found in this Office. I will write to Mr. Hawkins on the subject and at the same time forward him a certificate of having received the amount of the draft in question of Mr Balfour for his signature which will answer the purpose of voucher at the Treasury if Mr Hawkins receipt proves lost. The establishment of a Post Office at Mr Harris does not appear necessary there being no village at or contiguous to the spot or a sufficient number of Inhabitants to make it an object to accommodate them with the Mail.

I am &c J.H.


Mrs. Eliza Balfour Dec. 1, 1800

Salisbury N.C. Madam I have received yours of the 18th Ulto. covering a statement of Mr. Balfour’s account with this office which on examination proves to be nearly right - the balance due him on the first of October last is nine Dollars and sixty six cents, thirty three cents less than you make it to that period. Your draft in favor of Mr. Smith will be paid on being presented, there is no reason for apology in making the remittance to Mr Smith by a draft on this office - knowing the difficulty of obtaining bank notes in North Carolina and your punctuality in paying our drafts it will always give me pleasure to accommodate you in this manner. Mr. Balfour’s account is always credited with the amount of our drafts at the time of their being drawn.

I am J.H.

Mrs. Eliza Balfour March 9, 1801

Salisbury N.Ca. Madam I have received your favour of the 30 Jany. explaining the cause of the failures that occurred on Mr Chambers route it appears to my satisfaction that Mr Chambers made the alteration in his Schedule for the accommodation of the Public. I have therefore remitted the penalties that were charged to him. I have ever found him a faithful contractor and wish for the credit of the department there were more of its agents equally as well disposed to do justice to the Public in the execution of their Contract.

I am J.H.

P. M. Salisbury April 26 [1802]

North Carolina lt is not in the power of this department to furnish you with a new map at present.

G.G. [Postmaster General Gideon Granger]

A. Balfour Esq Salisbury N.C.

Feb. 2, 1812

with the mail.

I wish you to call at a Post Office established at D.W. Auley’s on your post route


Andrew Balfour E P.M. Salisbury N.C. Decr. 16, 1812

It is represented to this office that you detain the mail at your office for hours. I pray you never to detain it over fifteen minutes and you will be careful to forward the mail before you deliver the letters &c. to the citizens.


Mrs. E. Balfour P.M. Salisbury N.C. April 14, 1813

Your favor of the 7th inst is before me, all packages for the Lincolnton route must necessarily by sent from your office to Charlotte Ch, from whence they will obtain a right direction.


Mrs. E. Balfour Jany 24, 1814

Salisbury N.C. I have received your note of the 10th inst. I most highly of your proceedings with the extra mail this is one of many instances in which your proceedings have called for my applause.


Hon. Israel Pickens General Post Office

M. of the House January 31, 1817

Sir I have the honour to observe in reply to your letter of the 31 that Capt Ben. Newland of Morgantown has stipulated with this office to transport the mail from Salisbury via Statesville, Lincolnton, Morgantown &c to Asheville. He is to go and return on that route once a week – from Lincolnton the mail is to depart for Rutherfordton &c once a week in the mornings after the Salisbury mail shall have arrived at Lincolnton to better accommodate the latter office & offices in the county of Rutherfordton was our principal object in making the existing arrangement I fear that the great fault is in Capt Newland’s failing to carry the mail agreeably to his contract we some days ago made an inquiry into this business, if Newland proves unfaithful he shall be superceded the mail on that route shall be carried regularly.

R. J. Meigs [Retum J. Meigs, Jr., Postmaster General]

Ben. Newland near Morganton N.C.


January 31, 1817

If you do not carry the mail from Salisbury by all established offices, on the route and return the same way agreeably to your contract, I shall forthwith place the mail in other hands now confined to you, and rigidly exact all penalties by you incurred by your long experience in mail carrying you were acquainted with your duty for extending your route by Lincolnton you were allowed $100 a year.

R. J. Meigs

Andrew Balfour P.M. Salisbury N.C.


Jany. 31, 1817

I will thank you to read the enclosed letter to the carrier of the mail in behalf of Capt. Newland seal and send the letter to his employer does Newland carry the mail agreeably to the letter here enclosed may we have your reply

R. J. Migs

Hon. Pickens & Fomey February 10, 1817

Members of the House


In reply to yours of the 7th I have the honour to observe that the Postmaster at Salisbury N.C. is specially charged to forward and invariably so all mails by the pending mails the route for Lincolnton, Morgantown &c. departs from Salisbury on the days of the arrival of the mails from Salem, Raleigh & Fayetteville and the mail for Rutherfordton &c departs the mornings after the arrival of the mail from Salisbury has arrived at Lincolnton.

R. J. Meigs

A. Balfour Esqr P.M. Salisbury N.C.


February 10, 1817

Are mails for the several routes which arrived at your office forwarded and invariably so by the pending mail. no excuse can justify such delay if such delay shall exit or have existed the mail confided to Mr Parkers of Wilksborough which goes from your office via Lincolnton &c is to pass weekly from Febry. by that mail you will forward mails for Lincolnton, Rutherfordton &c.

R. J. Meigs

D. Reinhardt Esqr February 28, 1819

P.M. Lincolnton N.C. Sir I am again obliged by your attentions to the late failure the Postmaster at Salisbury has not advised us of either of the failures mentioned by you The contractor is fined and shall discharge his duty or retire from the service


A. Balfour Esqr P.M. Salisbury N.C.


Feby 28, 1819

Report says two failures have occurred in the Raleigh mails arrival at your office

is it so?


Andrew Balfour Esqr PM Salisbury N.C.


May 26, 1820

I wish you to state whether Messrs Gallent &co. are now transporting the mail in stages between your office and Union C.H.S.C.[Union Court House, South Carolina] agreeably to their proposals.


Messrs Polk Gallent & Co.

December 14th 1822

Charlotte N.C. Sirs Until further advised you will continue your current mail arrangement in stages between Salisbury & Union C.H. (S.Ca.). You will however view this arrangement as no other than a temporary one.

R. J. Meigs Jr.

Saml. Reeves Esqr. P.M. Salisbury N.Ca.


December 14th 1822

It is my wish to have the mail stage line from Fredg [Fredericksburg] to Georgia continued under its present arrangement for the present I wish you to advise the carrier of the respective lines of my wishes upon this subject the arrangement to be but temporary And I wish it so consider[ed] wish a reply

James B. Johnson Esqr. P.M. Halifax C.H. Va


R. J. Meigs Jr. December 14th 1822

I wish the present mail stage arrangement continued between Fredericksburg 8 Halifax c.h., Halifax c.h. & Salisbury N.Ca. &c  You will request the respective carriers of those routes to continue they will pursue their present routes This arrangement is to be considered only as temporary. I wish a reply

R. J. Meigs Jr.


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