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                                            March 11, 1940.

  Mr. Gelston:

     The first rural delivery service in the United States was established on October 1, 1896, at Charles Town, Uvilla and Halltown, West Virginia.  The first rural delivery service in the state of North Carolina was established on October 23, 1896, at China Grove.  Rural delivery service was established at Salisbury, North Carolina, on April 1, 1902, with three carriers at $500 per annum each.

     Records in the Post Office Department Library indicate that the Salisbury, North Carolina, post office was established June 12, 1792, with George Lawmann (shown later as Lauman) as the first postmaster.

     The records show that upon the death of Mr. Lauman, apparently just prior to March 6, 1793, Samuel Dayton assumed charge of the office, and that on April 12, 1793, a commission as postmaster at Salisbury was forwarded to him.

     An entry in Letter Book “E” shows that on March 21, 1796, Andrew Balfour was appointed postmaster at Salisbury, and a letter to Mr. Balfour of the same date shows that Samuel Dayton had died subsequent to January 14, 1796.  Correspondence in the Letter Books indicate that the accounts were carried in Samuel Dayton’s name through March 31, 1796.

     Letters of March 14, 1800, to Mrs. E. Balfour, and letters of December 1, 1800, and March 9, 1801, to Mrs. Eliza Balfour, indicate clearly that she was taking care of the business of the office for Andrew Balfour, postmaster.  A letter of the Department dated December 7, 1809, was addressed to E. Balfour, postmaster at Salisbury, it is the opinion of this office that the title was a clerical error.

     Lists of post offices, with postmasters, are available for the years 1811, 1813, 1817, 1819, 1822, and 1825.  All of them, except the 1825 list, show Andrew Balfour as postmaster at Salisbury.  The 1825 list shows Samuel Reeves.

     The records show that on September 27, 1792, Mrs. Sarah Decrow was appointed postmaster at Hertford, North Carolina.  From records available, it is believed Mrs. Decrow was the first woman to be appointed to a postmastership under the Constitution.  It is known, of course, that at least two women held similar positions under the Continental Congress.



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