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Subj:    Colonel Andrew Balfour

Date:    05/13/1999 12:34:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Christine S. Patrick)




  Dear Ms. Weissman,

A check of our letter catalogue and of the indexes for the published "Papers of George Washington: Presidential

Series" did not produce any mention of Andrew Balfour or Elizabeth Dayton Balfour. 


Christine S.Patrick, Assistant Editor





Colonel Andrew Balfour


7/15/01 12:33:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Bill Cowsell)

Hi Shirley


Many thanks for your kind words, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the site. I have a lot more work to do on it, but never seem to have the time!


I 'm not quite sure where your Colonel's ancestors feature in terms of the genealogical data that I possess. I have replicated below part of the submission made by Captain William Balfour of Trenabie in his successful attempt to have his family accepted as the senior line. The "Andrew Balfour of Strather and Muqhanny" mentioned in your Gedcom I think may be the Sir Andrew Balfour mention below at I. However, you will note that he supposedly had no family, his estates passing to his younger brother Michael Balfour of Garth (in Westray, Orkney) from whom I am descended.


I am also intrigued by the name "Herschel Andrew Balfour" who you have in your Gedcom as the son of Andrew. This is a very "un-scottish" christian name for the family to have used - do you have any more data on this?


Kindest regards


Bill Cowsell



"Sir Michael Balfour of Munquhanny and Westray settled upon Mariota Adamson his wife, half of the lands of Munquhanny reserving the liferent of the Castle to his grandfather and a reasonable terce to the widow of his father 10 May 1562. He acquired the Estate of Westray in Orkney from his cousin Archibald Balfour of Westray 1 January 1588 and added largely by purchases from the Earls of Orkney to his property there. He thereafter resided mostly at Noltland Castle in that County. He served himself heir to his grandfather 6 December 1592 and died 1603 leaving two sons and was succeeded by the elder

                                                               I.      Sir Andrew Balfour, during his father's life "of Strathor" afterwards "of Munquhanny" to whom on his marriage with Mary, daughter of Sir James Melville of Halhill, his father, with consent of his mother, gave the Tenandry of Westray 12 November 1590. He was knighted at the baptism of Prince Henry 30 August 1594. Being compelled by his creditors to part with the whole of his ancient patrimony of Munquhanny and Strathor he died 1615, without issue and was succeeded by his brother

II.                   Michael Balfour of Garth who carried on the line of the family"