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About this Site

     The purpose of this site is to honor and promote recognition of a much-revered American patriot, Colonel Andrew Balfour, and his extended family. Our intention is to provide a space for his descendants and other interested persons to gather and exchange information. We come together in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation to acknowledge our rich heritage. We appreciate the great sacrifices made by so many for so long to establish and protect our country.

      The writings are presented, as much as possible, exactly as written by the original author.  Please note that spelling, grammar, word usage, meanings, knowledge and points of view have changed over the years.  In addition, not all of the information believed to have been fact is actually fact.  But, taken all together, the stories illuminate this family history.

        The information contained in this site has been gathered in bits and pieces from many sources.  Most of the stories are contained under the Descendants and Ancestors.  Please take the time to scroll down the pages and enjoy discovering these stories.  The GEDCOM files are more computer interactive and are very useful to find a specific name quickly.  We regret any errors, omissions or lack of proper original credits.  This was unintentional and with practice we will get better.  This is a group work in progress and all contributions are gratefully appreciated.  Please contact us and let us know who you are.  Knowledge will dispel myth and bring truth to light.

        Some of the contributors are: Rosilind Askin, James Beach, Katherine Benbow, Theresa Brandon,  Beverley Estlinbaum, Kathryn Greever*, Missy Ivie, Paul Kilburn, Kathy Lowery, Susan Ryals, Nancy Schott, Brenda Schwall, Ann Skinner, Kara Spence, Diana Thornton, Guy Troy, Bill Tubbs, Shirley Weissmann, Jane Westlake and Frances Woods.


          To contact Beverley Estlinbaum, Balfour family historian, please e-mail her at: balfourfamily@webtv.net  or jestlinbaum@cox.net



*Book Source: Some Descendants of John Burk (1656-1699): Middlesex Co., VA; Greever, Hockett, Verbal, Stevenson; Iberian Publishing Co., Athens, GA; 1999; pg. 30 and 133



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Home    Colonel Andrew Balfour     News & Notes    The Descendants    About this Site     Family Stories    Photos        

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